Vampires and Werewolves…
allies or enemies?

Join up with other Immortals in a House or make your own way through the Night in this immersive supernatural texted based game.

Immortal Night is a world steeped in Mysticism that offers tons of exciting game play and an extensive community to interact with in our Live Chat and active RP and Discussion forums.

Advance through the ranks from Newborn to Ancient by fighting, questing, mining and training. Grow your personal holdings, use your Minion Army to conquer villages, send your Familiar to spy on your enemies, sharpen your claws and fangs in the multi-player Battle Royale or duel it out in a Russian Roulette Tournament.

The possibilities are endless with new features always being added in this game of a life transformed by Venom, Blood and Gold. Enter the darkness, Sign up today, Click the GREEN LINK to become Immortal NOW!

Toughest Immortal Nobles

1. F.U.ALL [84743] Lycan
2. RageAngel [1155758] Vampire
3. Dolma Khandro [1021611] Vampire
4. Manic. [1114929] Lycan
5. Arlena [56303] Vampire
6. Terror Australis [1029868] Lycan
7. L.M [2586055] Lycan
8. ~Hannibal~ [1004072] Lycan
9. Malice. [2860069] Lycan
10. PHAuN0S [1549217] Lycan
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